Anxiety and Depression

At Armonk Integrated Psychiatry, we understand the unique pressures that living in Fairfield and Westchester counties and surrounding areas can bring. While you may have great success in some areas of life, anxiety or depression may occur and you may not be sure why, or crises  may occur upsetting the balance in your life. It may be difficult to ask for help, when on the outside it can seem like “you have it all.” We know that living in this competitive environment has its own consequences, and can contribute to strained marriages, anxious children, and stressed, unhappy parents.


Whether you are suffering from a temporary sense of feeling overwhelmed, or have a lifelong struggle with significant depression or anxiety, we use a variety of treatment methods to help. We will do a thorough evaluation to help determine the cause of the problem, including neuropsychological testing when needed. We offer short term evidence based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)  and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), as well as other problem focused approaches such as parent coaching.  These are oriented towards getting you back to peak functioning as quickly as possible. For those who are interested, we can also use medication as an adjunct in treatment. We offer yoga to help you develop alternate coping methods, and for those who would like a deeper understanding of the issues that interfere with their goals we offer longer term psychodynamic psychotherapy.