Social Difficulties

At Armonk Integrated Psychiatry, we believe feeling socially connected is integral to a sense of well-being. Studies support that good social support is important in the prevention of and recovery from many mental health concerns. However, many of us experience trouble in this area. Some people have the social skills, but become very anxious in social  situations and thus avoid all but the safest social interactions. This often leads to a very restricted life or other issues such as substance abuse or eating disorders.


Others may not be socially anxious, but lack the skills to interact effectively with others, and therefore find social life bewildering or unsatisfying at best, or possibly alienating and hurtful. Poor social skills can increase the incidence of being a victim of bullying. Loneliness and isolation can be devastating and in itself lead to anxiety and depression.


Armonk Integrated Psychiatry offers help for adolescents & adults including; individual counseling, support and skills training for all ages, as well as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for social anxiety disorder.