Women's Issues

At Armonk Integrated Psychiatry, we understand the particular pressures that women face, and how these evolve through the various phases of life. In addition, we are attentive to the natural hormonal changes that a woman goes through as she ages  through various life stages, and the impact these changes have on a woman’s psyche and sense of well being.


The challenges that face a girl as she goes through puberty and the teen years are enormous. The pressure to “succeed,” to be perfect in every realm, to get good enough grades for a top college and to fit in and be popular at school is huge. As a result, many girls begin to feel very stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or depressed. This is also the time when dating becomes a concern, and there is intense focus on being pretty and thin- all too often leading to eating disorders. Having extensive training and experience in treating eating disorders in adolescents, Dr. Wendy Harris is uniquely suited to address this tumultuous time for girls.